Attentive Mask CLIP

Yifan Yang, Weiquan Huang, Yixuan Wei, Houwen Peng, Xinyang Jiang, Huiqiang Jiang, Fangyun Wei, Yin Wang, Han Hu, Lili Qiu, Yuqing Yang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 2771-2781


In vision-language modeling, image token removal is an efficient augmentation technique to reduce the cost of encoding image features. The CLIP-style models, however, have been found to be negatively impacted by this technique. We hypothesize that removing a large portion of image tokens may inadvertently destroy the semantic information associated to a given text description, resulting in misaligned paired data in CLIP training. To address this issue, we propose an attentive token removal approach, which retains a small number of tokens that have a strong semantic correlation to the corresponding text description. The correlation scores are dynamically evaluated through an EMA-updated vision encoder. Our method, termed attentive mask CLIP, outperforms original CLIP and CLIP variant with random token removal while saving the training time. In addition, our approach also enables efficient multi-view contrastive learning. Experimentally, by training ViT-B on YFCC-15M dataset, our approach achieves 43.9% top-1 accuracy on ImageNet-1K zero-shot classification, 62.7/42.1 and 38.0/23.2 I2T/T2I retrieval accuracy on Flickr30K and MS COCO, outperforming SLIP by +1.1%,+5.5/+0.9, and +4.4/+1.3, respectively, while being 2.30x faster. An efficient version of our approach runs 1.16x faster than the plain CLIP model, while achieving significant gains of +5.3%, +11.3/+8.0, and +9.5/+4.9 on these benchmarks, respectively.

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