Metric3D: Towards Zero-shot Metric 3D Prediction from A Single Image

Wei Yin, Chi Zhang, Hao Chen, Zhipeng Cai, Gang Yu, Kaixuan Wang, Xiaozhi Chen, Chunhua Shen; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 9043-9053


Reconstructing accurate 3D scenes from images is a long-standing vision task. Due to the ill-posedness of the single-image reconstruction problem, most well-established methods are built upon multi-view geometry. State-of-the-art (SOTA) monocular metric depth estimation methods can only handle a single camera model and are unable to perform mixed-data training due to the metric ambiguity. Meanwhile, SOTA monocular methods trained on large mixed datasets achieve zero-shot generalization by learning affine-invariant depths, which cannot recover real-world metrics. In this work, we show that the key to a zero-shot single-view metric depth model lies in the combination of large-scale data training and resolving the metric ambiguity from various camera models. We propose a canonical camera space transformation module, which explicitly addresses the ambiguity problems and can be effortlessly plugged into existing monocular models. Equipped with our module, monocualr models can be stably trained over 8 millions of images with thousands of camera models, resulting in zero-shot generalization to in-the-wild images with unseen camera settings. Experiments demonstrate SOTA performance of our method on 7 zero-shot benchmarks. Our method can recover the metric 3D structure on randomly collected Internet images, enabling plausible single-image metrology. Downstream tasks can also be significantly improved by naively plug-in our model. E.g., our model relieves the scale drift issues of monocular-SLAM (Fig. 1), leading to metric scale high-quality dense mapping.

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