GlocalNet: Class-Aware Long-Term Human Motion Synthesis

Neeraj Battan, Yudhik Agrawal, Sai Soorya Rao, Aman Goel, Avinash Sharma; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2021, pp. 879-888


Synthesis of long-term human motion skeleton sequences is essential to aid human-centric video generation with potential applications in Augmented Reality, 3D character animations, pedestrian trajectory prediction, etc. Long-term human motion synthesis is a challenging task due to multiple factors like, long-term temporal dependencies among poses, cyclic repetition across poses, bi-directional and multi-scale dependencies among poses, variable speed of actions, and a large as well as partially overlapping space of temporal pose variations across multiple class/types of human activities. This paper aims to address these challenges to synthesize a long-term (>6000 ms) human motion trajectory across a large variety of human activity classes (>50). We propose a two-stage activity generation method to achieve this goal, where the first stage deals with learning the long-term global pose dependencies in activity sequences by learning to synthesize a sparse motion trajectory while the second stage addresses the generation of dense motion trajectories taking the output of the first stage. We demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method over SOTA methods using various quantitative evaluation metrics on publicly available datasets.

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