Fine-Grained Activities of People Worldwide

Jeffrey Byrne, Gregory Castañón, Zhongheng Li, Gil Ettinger; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2023, pp. 3308-3319


Every day, humans perform many closely related activities that involve subtle discriminative motions, such as putting on a shirt vs. putting on a jacket, or shaking hands vs. giving a high five. Activity recognition by ethical visual AI could provide insights into our patterns of daily life, however existing activity recognition datasets do not capture the massive diversity of these human activities around the world. To address this limitation, we introduce Collector, a free mobile app to record video while simultaneously annotating objects and activities of consented subjects. This new data collection platform was used to curate the Consented Activities of People (CAP) dataset, the first large-scale, fine-grained activity dataset of people worldwide. The CAP dataset contains 1.45M video clips of 512 fine grained activity labels of daily life, grouped into 144 coarse activity classes, collected by 780 subjects in 33 countries. We provide activity classification and activity detection benchmarks for this dataset, and analyze baseline results to gain insight into how people around with world perform common activities. The dataset, benchmarks, evaluation tools, public leaderboards and mobile apps are available for use at

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