MMPTRACK: Large-Scale Densely Annotated Multi-Camera Multiple People Tracking Benchmark

Xiaotian Han, Quanzeng You, Chunyu Wang, Zhizheng Zhang, Peng Chu, Houdong Hu, Jiang Wang, Zicheng Liu; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2023, pp. 4860-4869


Multi-camera tracking systems are gaining popularity in applications that demand high-quality tracking results, such as frictionless checkout. In cluttered and crowded environments, monocular multi-object tracking (MOT) systems often fail due to occlusions. Multiple highly overlapped cameras are capable of recovering partial 3D information. When used properly, 3D data can significantly alleviate the occlusion issue. However, training a multi-camera tracker demands a large-scale multi-camera tracking dataset with diverse camera settings and backgrounds. These requirements make the collection of multi-camera tracking dataset challenging and expensive. The cost of creating such a dataset has limited the availability and scale of datasets in this domain. Instead, we appeal to an auto-annotation system to reduce the cost. The system uses overlapped and calibrated depth and RGB cameras to build a 3D tracker and automatically generates the 3D tracking results. We then manually check and correct the 3D tracking results to ensure the label quality, which is much cheaper than solely manual annotation. Next, the 3D tracking results are projected to each calibrated RGB camera view to create 2D tracking results. In this way, we collect and annotate a large-scale densely labeled multi-camera tracking dataset from five different environments. We have conducted extensive experiments using two real-time multi-camera trackers and a person re-identification (ReID) model under different settings. This dataset provides a reliable benchmark for multi-camera, multi-object tracking systems in cluttered and crowded environments. We expect this benchmark to encourage more research attempts in this domain. Also, our results demonstrate that adapting the trackers and ReID models on this dataset significantly improves their performance. Our dataset will be publicly released upon the acceptance of this work.

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