The Change You Want To See

Ragav Sachdeva, Andrew Zisserman; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2023, pp. 3993-4002


We live in a dynamic world where things change all the time. Given two images of the same scene, being able to automatically detect the changes in them has practical applications in a variety of domains. In this paper, we tackle the change detection problem with the goal of detecting "object-level" changes in an image pair despite differences in their viewpoint and illumination. To this end, we make the following four contributions: (i) we propose a scalable methodology for obtaining a large-scale change detection training dataset by leveraging existing object segmentation benchmarks; (ii) we introduce a co-attention based novel architecture that is able to implicitly determine correspondences between an image pair and find changes in the form of bounding box predictions; (iii) we contribute four evaluation datasets that cover a variety of domains and transformations, including synthetic image changes, real surveillance images of a 3D scene, and synthetic 3D scenes with camera motion; (iv) we evaluate our model on these four datasets and demonstrate zero-shot and beyond training transformation generalization. The code, datasets and pre-trained model can be found at our project page: vgg/research/cyws/

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