Cross-Domain Few-Shot Incremental Learning for Point-Cloud Recognition

Yuwen Tan, Xiang Xiang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2024, pp. 2307-2316


Sensing 3D objects is critical when 2D object recognition is not accessible. A robot pre-trained on a large point-cloud dataset will encounter unseen classes of 3D objects after deploying it. Therefore, the robot should be able to learn continuously in real-world scenarios. Few-shot class-incremental learning (FSCIL) requires the model to learn from few-shot new examples continually and not forget past classes. However, there is an implicit but strong assumption in the FSCIL that the distribution of the base and incremental classes is the same. In this paper, we focus on cross-domain FSCIL for point-cloud recognition. We decompose the catastrophic forgetting into base class forgetting and incremental class forgetting and alleviate them separately. We utilize the base model to discriminate base samples and new samples by treating base samples as in-distribution samples, and new objects as out-of-distribution samples. We retain the base model to avoid catastrophic forgetting of base classes and train an extra domain-specific module for all new samples to adapt to new classes. At inference, we first discriminate whether the sample belongs to the base class or the new class. Once classified at the model level, test samples are then passed to the corresponding model for class-level classification. To better mitigate the forgetting of new classes, we adopt the soft label and hard label replay together. Extensive experiments on synthetic-to-real incremental 3D datasets show that our proposed method can balance the performance between the base and new objects and outperforms the previous state-of-the-art methods.

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