Dynamic Recursive Neural Network

Qiushan Guo, Zhipeng Yu, Yichao Wu, Ding Liang, Haoyu Qin, Junjie Yan; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 5147-5156


This paper proposes the dynamic recursive neural network (DRNN), which simplifies the duplicated building blocks in deep neural network. Different from forwarding through different blocks sequentially in previous networks, we demonstrate that the DRNN can achieve better performance with fewer blocks by employing block recursively. We further add a gate structure to each block, which can adaptively decide the loop times of recursive blocks to reduce the computational cost. Since the recursive networks are hard to train, we propose the Loopy Variable Batch Normalization (LVBN) to stabilize the volatile gradient. Further, we improve the LVBN to correct statistical bias caused by the gate structure. Experiments show that the DRNN reduces the parameters and computational cost and while outperforms the original model in term of the accuracy consistently on CIFAR-10 and ImageNet-1k. Lastly we visualize and discuss the relation between image saliency and the number of loop time.

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