ODE-Inspired Network Design for Single Image Super-Resolution

Xiangyu He, Zitao Mo, Peisong Wang, Yang Liu, Mingyuan Yang, Jian Cheng; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 1732-1741


Single image super-resolution, as a high dimensional structured prediction problem, aims to characterize fine-grain information given a low-resolution sample. Recent advances in convolutional neural networks are introduced into super-resolution and push forward progress in this field. Current studies have achieved impressive performance by manually designing deep residual neural networks but overly relies on practical experience. In this paper, we propose to adopt an ordinary differential equation (ODE)-inspired design scheme for single image super-resolution, which have brought us a new understanding of ResNet in classification problems. Not only is it interpretable for super-resolution but it provides a reliable guideline on network designs. By casting the numerical schemes in ODE as blueprints, we derive two types of network structures: LF-block and RK-block, which correspond to the Leapfrog method and Runge-Kutta method in numerical ordinary differential equations. We evaluate our models on benchmark datasets, and the results show that our methods surpass the state-of-the-arts while keeping comparable parameters and operations.

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