Dissecting Person Re-Identification From the Viewpoint of Viewpoint

Xiaoxiao Sun, Liang Zheng; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 608-617


Variations in visual factors such as viewpoint, pose, illumination and background, are usually viewed as important challenges in person re-identification (re-ID). In spite of acknowledging these factors to be influential, quantitative studies on how they affect a re-ID system are still lacking. To derive insights in this scientific campaign, this paper makes an early attempt in studying a particular factor, viewpoint. We narrow the viewpoint problem down to the pedestrian rotation angle to obtain focused conclusions. In this regard, this paper makes two contributions to the community. First, we introduce a large-scale synthetic data engine, PersonX. Composed of hand-crafted 3D person models, the salient characteristic of this engine is "controllable". That is, we are able to synthesize pedestrians by setting the visual variables to arbitrary values. Second, on the 3D data engine, we quantitatively analyze the influence of pedestrian rotation angle on re-ID accuracy. Comprehensively, the person rotation angles are precisely customized from 0 to 360, allowing us to investigate its effect on the training, query, and gallery sets. Extensive experiment helps us have a deeper understanding of the fundamental problems in person re-ID. Our research also provides useful insights for dataset building and future practical usage, e.g., a person of a side view makes a better query.

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