TextureFusion: High-Quality Texture Acquisition for Real-Time RGB-D Scanning

Joo Ho Lee, Hyunho Ha, Yue Dong, Xin Tong, Min H. Kim; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020, pp. 1272-1280


Real-time RGB-D scanning technique has become widely used to progressively scan objects with a hand-held sensor. Existing online methods restore color information per voxel, and thus their quality is often limited by the tradeoff between spatial resolution and time performance. Also, such methods often suffer from blurred artifacts in the captured texture. Traditional offline texture mapping methods with non-rigid warping assume that the reconstructed geometry and all input views are obtained in advance, and the optimization takes a long time to compute mesh parameterization and warp parameters, which prevents them from being used in real-time applications. In this work, we propose a progressive texture-fusion method specially designed for real-time RGB-D scanning. To this end, we first devise a novel texture-tile voxel grid, where texture tiles are embedded in the voxel grid of the signed distance function, allowing for high-resolution texture mapping on the low-resolution geometry volume. Instead of using expensive mesh parameterization, we associate vertices of implicit geometry directly with texture coordinates. Second, we introduce real-time texture warping that applies a spatially-varying perspective mapping to input images so that texture warping efficiently mitigates the mismatch between the intermediate geometry and the current input view. It allows us to enhance the quality of texture over time while updating the geometry in real-time. The results demonstrate that the quality of our real-time texture mapping is highly competitive to that of exhaustive offline texture warping methods. Our method is also capable of being integrated into existing RGB-D scanning frameworks.

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