Surface Networks via General Covers

Niv Haim, Nimrod Segol, Heli Ben-Hamu, Haggai Maron, Yaron Lipman; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 632-641


Developing deep learning techniques for geometric data is an active and fruitful research area. This paper tackles the problem of sphere-type surface learning by developing a novel surface-to-image representation. Using this representation we are able to quickly adapt successful CNN models to the surface setting. The surface-image representation is based on a covering map from the image domain to the surface. Namely, the map wraps around the surface several times, making sure that every part of the surface is well represented in the image. Differently from previous surface-to-image representations, we provide a low distortion coverage of all surface parts in a single image. Specifically, for the use case of learning spherical signals, our representation provides a low distortion alternative to several popular spherical parameterizations used in deep learning. We have used the surface-to-image representation to apply standard CNN architectures to 3D models including spherical signals. We show that our method achieves state of the art or comparable results on the tasks of shape retrieval, shape classification and semantic shape segmentation.

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