Conditional Coupled Generative Adversarial Networks for Zero-Shot Domain Adaptation

Jinghua Wang, Jianmin Jiang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 3375-3384


Machine learning models trained in one domain perform poorly in the other domains due to the existence of domain shift. Domain adaptation techniques solve this problem by training transferable models from the label-rich source domain to the label-scarce target domain. Unfortunately, a majority of the existing domain adaptation techniques rely on the availability of the target-domain data, and thus limit their applications to a small community across few computer vision problems. In this paper, we tackle the challenging zero-shot domain adaptation (ZSDA) problem, where the target-domain data is non-available in the training stage. For this purpose, we propose conditional coupled generative adversarial networks (CoCoGAN) by extending the coupled generative adversarial networks (CoGAN) into a conditioning model. Compared with the existing state of the arts, our proposed CoCoGAN is able to capture the joint distribution of dual-domain samples in two different tasks, i.e. the relevant task (RT) and an irrelevant task (IRT). We train the CoCoGAN with both source-domain samples in RT and the dual-domain samples in IRT to complete the domain adaptation. While the former provide the high-level concepts of the non-available target-domain data, the latter carry the sharing correlation between the two domains in RT and IRT. To train the CoCoGAN in the absence of the target-domain data for RT, we propose a new supervisory signal, i.e. the alignment between representations across tasks. Extensive experiments carried out demonstrate that our proposed CoCoGAN outperforms existing state of the arts in image classifications.

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