DF2Net: A Dense-Fine-Finer Network for Detailed 3D Face Reconstruction

Xiaoxing Zeng, Xiaojiang Peng, Yu Qiao; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 2315-2324


Reconstructing the detailed geometric structure from a single face image is a challenging problem due to its ill-posed nature and the fine 3D structures to be recovered. This paper proposes a deep Dense-Fine-Finer Network (DF2Net) to address this challenging problem. DF2Net decomposes the reconstruction process into three stages, each of which is processed by an elaborately-designed network, namely D-Net, F-Net, and Fr-Net. D-Net exploits a U-net architecture to map the input image to a dense depth image. F-Net refines the output of D-Net by integrating features from depth and RGB domains, whose output is further enhanced by Fr-Net with a novel multi-resolution hypercolumn architecture. In addition, we introduce three types of data to train these networks, including 3D model synthetic data, 2D image reconstructed data, and fine facial images. We elaborately exploit different datasets (or combination) together with well-designed losses to train different networks. Qualitative evaluation indicates that our DF2Net can effectively reconstruct subtle facial details such as small crow's feet and wrinkles. Our DF2Net achieves performance superior or comparable to state-of-the-art algorithms in qualitative and quantitative analyses on real-world images and the BU-3DFE dataset. Code and the collected 70K image-depth data will be publicly available.

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