Multispectral Image Intrinsic Decomposition via Subspace Constraint

Qian Huang, Weixin Zhu, Yang Zhao, Linsen Chen, Yao Wang, Tao Yue, Xun Cao; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 6430-6439


Multispectral images contain many clues of surface characteristics of the objects, thus can be used in many computer vision tasks, e.g., recolorization and segmentation. However, due to the complex geometry structure of natural scenes, the spectra curves of the same surface can look very different under different illuminations and from different angles. In this paper, a new Multispectral Image Intrinsic Decomposition model (MIID) is presented to decompose the shading and reflectance from a single multispectral image. We extend the Retinex model, which is proposed for RGB image intrinsic decomposition, for multispectral domain. Based on this, a subspace constraint is introduced to both the shading and reflectance spectral space to reduce the ill-posedness of the problem and make the problem solvable. A dataset of 22 scenes is given with the ground truth of shadings and reflectance to facilitate objective evaluations. The experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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