Learning Markov Clustering Networks for Scene Text Detection

Zichuan Liu, Guosheng Lin, Sheng Yang, Jiashi Feng, Weisi Lin, Wang Ling Goh; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 6936-6944


A novel framework named Markov Clustering Network (MCN) is proposed for fast and robust scene text detection. MCN predicts instance-level bounding boxes by firstly converting an image into a Stochastic Flow Graph (SFG) and then performing Markov Clustering on this graph. Our method can detect text objects with arbitrary size and orientation without prior knowledge of object size. The stochastic flow graph encode objects' local correlation and semantic information. An object is modeled as strongly connected nodes, which allows flexible bottom-up detection for scale-varying and rotated objects. MCN generates bounding boxes without using Non-Maximum Suppression, and it can be fully parallelized on GPUs. The evaluation on public benchmarks shows that our method outperforms the existing methods by a large margin in detecting multioriented text objects. MCN achieves new state-of-art performance on challenging MSRA-TD500 dataset with precision of 0.88, recall of 0.79 and F-score of 0.83. Also, MCN achieves realtime inference with frame rate of 34 FPS, which is $1.5 imes$ speedup when compared with the fastest scene text detection algorithm.

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