Neural Style Transfer via Meta Networks

Falong Shen, Shuicheng Yan, Gang Zeng; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 8061-8069


In this paper we propose a noval method to generate the specified network parameters through one feed-forward propagation in the meta networks for neural style transfer. Recent works on style transfer typically need to train image transformation networks for every new style, and the style is encoded in the network parameters by enormous iterations of stochastic gradient descent, which lacks the generalization ability to new style in the inference stage. To tackle these issues, we build a meta network which takes in the style image and generates a corresponding image transformation network directly. Compared with optimization-based methods for every style, our meta networks can handle an arbitrary new style within 19 milliseconds on one modern GPU card. The fast image transformation network generated by our meta network is only 449 KB, which is capable of real-time running on a mobile device. We also investigate the manifold of the style transfer networks by operating the hidden features from meta networks. Experiments have well validated the effectiveness of our method. Code and trained models will be released.

Related Material

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