SINT++: Robust Visual Tracking via Adversarial Positive Instance Generation

Xiao Wang, Chenglong Li, Bin Luo, Jin Tang; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 4864-4873


Existing visual trackers are easily disturbed by occlusion,blurandlargedeformation. Inthechallengesofocclusion, motion blur and large object deformation, the performance of existing visual trackers may be limited due to the followingissues: i)Adoptingthedensesamplingstrategyto generate positive examples will make them less diverse; ii) Thetrainingdatawithdifferentchallengingfactorsarelimited, even though through collecting large training dataset. Collecting even larger training dataset is the most intuitive paradigm, but it may still can not cover all situations and the positive samples are still monotonous. In this paper, we propose to generate hard positive samples via adversarial learning for visual tracking. Speci´Čücally speaking, we assume the target objects all lie on a manifold, hence, we introduce the positive samples generation network (PSGN) to sampling massive diverse training data through traversing over the constructed target object manifold. The generated diverse target object images can enrich the training dataset and enhance the robustness of visual trackers. To make the tracker more robust to occlusion, we adopt the hard positive transformation network (HPTN) which can generate hard samples for tracking algorithm to recognize. We train this network with deep reinforcement learning to automaticallyoccludethetargetobjectwithanegativepatch. Based on the generated hard positive samples, we train a Siamese network for visual tracking and our experiments validate the effectiveness of the introduced algorithm.

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