Fine-Grained Video Captioning for Sports Narrative

Huanyu Yu, Shuo Cheng, Bingbing Ni, Minsi Wang, Jian Zhang, Xiaokang Yang; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 6006-6015


Despite recent emergence of video caption methods, how to generate fine-grained video descriptions (i.e., long and detailed commentary about individual movements of multiple subjects as well as their frequent interactions) is far from being solved, which however has great applications such as automatic sports narrative. To this end, this work makes the following contributions. First, to facilitate this novel research of fine-grained video caption, we collected a novel dataset called Fine-grained Sports Narrative dataset (FSN) that contains 2K sports videos with ground-truth narratives from Second, we develop a novel performance evaluation metric named Fine-grained Captioning Evaluation (FCE) to cope with this novel task. Considered as an extension of the widely used METEOR, it measures not only the linguistic performance but also whether the action details and their temporal orders are correctly described. Third, we propose a new framework for fine-grained sports narrative task. This network features three branches: 1) a spatio-temporal entity localization and role discovering sub-network; 2) a fine-grained action modeling sub-network for local skeleton motion description; and 3) a group relationship modeling sub-network to model interactions between players. We further fuse the features and decode them into long narratives by a hierarchically recurrent structure. Extensive experiments on the FSN dataset demonstrates the validity of the proposed framework for fine-grained video caption.

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