Real-World Normal Map Capture for Nearly Flat Reflective Surfaces

Bastien Jacquet, Christian Hane, Kevin Koser, Marc Pollefeys; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 713-720


Although specular objects have gained interest in recent years, virtually no approaches exist for markerless reconstruction of reflective scenes in the wild. In this work, we present a practical approach to capturing normal maps in real-world scenes using video only. We focus on nearly planar surfaces such as windows, facades from glass or metal, or frames, screens and other indoor objects and show how normal maps of these can be obtained without the use of an artificial calibration object. Rather, we track the reflections of real-world straight lines, while moving with a hand-held or vehicle-mounted camera in front of the object. In contrast to error-prone local edge tracking, we obtain the reflections by a robust, global segmentation technique of an ortho-rectified 3D video cube that also naturally allows efficient user interaction. Then, at each point of the reflective surface, the resulting 2D-curve to 3D-line correspondence provides a novel quadratic constraint on the local surface normal. This allows to globally solve for the shape by integrability and smoothness constraints and easily supports the usage of multiple lines. We demonstrate the technique on several objects and facades.

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