Pixel Recursive Super Resolution

Ryan Dahl, Mohammad Norouzi, Jonathon Shlens; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 5439-5448


Super resolution is the problem of artificially enlarging a low resolution photograph to recover a plausible high resolution version. In the regime of high magnification factors, the problem is dramatically underspecified and many plausible, high resolution images may match a given low resolution image. In particular, traditional super resolution techniques fail in this regime due to the multimodality of the problem and strong prior information that must be imposed on image synthesis to produce plausible high resolution images. In this work we propose a new probabilistic deep network architecture, a pixel recursive super resolution model, that is an extension of PixelCNNs to address this problem. We demonstrate that this model produces a diversity of plausible high resolution images at large magnification factors. Furthermore, in human evaluation studies we demonstrate how previous methods fail to fool human observers. However, high resolution images sampled from this probabilistic deep network do fool a naive human observer a significant fraction of the time.

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