Stepwise Metric Promotion for Unsupervised Video Person Re-Identification

Zimo Liu, Dong Wang, Huchuan Lu; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 2429-2438


The intensive annotation cost and the rich but unlabeled data contained in videos motivate us to propose an unsupervised video-based person re-identification (re-ID) method. We start from two assumptions: 1) different video tracklets typically contain different persons, given that the tracklets are taken at distinct places or with long intervals; 2) within each tracklet, the frames are mostly of the same person. Based on these assumptions, this paper propose a stepwise metric promotion approach to estimate the identities of training tracklets, which iterates between cross-camera tracklet association and feature learning. Specifically, We use each training tracklet as a query, and perform retrieval in the cross camera training set. Our method is built on reciprocal nearest neighbor search and can eliminate the hard negative label matches, i.e., the cross-camera nearest neighbors of the false matches in the initial rank list. The tracklet that passes the reciprocal nearest neighbor check is considered to have the same ID with the query. Experimental results on the PRID 2011, ILIDS-VID, and MARS datasets show that the proposed method achieves very competitive re-ID accuracy compared with its supervised counterparts.

Related Material

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