Unsupervised Action Discovery and Localization in Videos

Khurram Soomro, Mubarak Shah; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 696-705


This paper is the first to address the problem of unsupervised action localization in videos. Given unlabeled data without bounding box annotations, we propose a novel approach that: 1) Discovers action class labels and 2) Spatio-temporally localizes actions in videos. It begins by computing local video features to apply spectral clustering on a set of unlabeled training videos. For each cluster of videos, an undirected graph is constructed to extract a dominant set, which are known for high internal homogeneity and inhomogeneity between vertices outside it. Next, a discriminative clustering approach is applied, by training a classifier for each cluster, to iteratively select videos from the non dominant set and obtain complete video action classes. Once classes are discovered, training videos within each cluster are selected to perform automatic spatio-temporal annotations, by first oversegmenting videos in each discovered class into supervoxels and constructing a directed graph to apply a variant of knapsack problem with temporal constraints. Knapsack optimization jointly collects a subset of supervoxels, by enforcing the annotated action to be spatio-temporally connected and its volume to be the size of an actor. These annotations are used to train SVM action classifiers. During testing, actions are localized using a similar Knapsack approach, where supervoxels are grouped together and SVM, learned using videos from discovered action classes, is used to recognize these actions. We evaluate our approach on UCF Sports, Sub-JHMDB, JHMDB, THUMOS13 and UCF101 datasets. Our experiments suggest that despite using no action class labels and no bounding box annotations, we are able to get competitive results to the state-of-the-art supervised methods.

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