Intrinsic Image Harmonization

Zonghui Guo, Haiyong Zheng, Yufeng Jiang, Zhaorui Gu, Bing Zheng; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021, pp. 16367-16376


Compositing an image usually inevitably suffers from inharmony problem that is mainly caused by incompatibility of foreground and background from two different images with distinct surfaces and lights, corresponding to material-dependent and light-dependent characteristics, namely, reflectance and illumination intrinsic images, respectively. Therefore, we seek to solve image harmonization via separable harmonization of reflectance and illumination, i.e., intrinsic image harmonization. Our method is based on an autoencoder that disentangles composite image into reflectance and illumination for further separate harmonization. Specifically, we harmonize reflectance through material-consistency penalty, while harmonize illumination by learning and transferring light from background to foreground, moreover, we model patch relations between foreground and background of composite images in an inharmony-free learning way, to adaptively guide our intrinsic image harmonization. Both extensive experiments and ablation studies demonstrate the power of our method as well as the efficacy of each component. We also contribute a new challenging dataset for benchmarking illumination harmonization. Code and dataset are at

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