Recurrent Dynamic Embedding for Video Object Segmentation

Mingxing Li, Li Hu, Zhiwei Xiong, Bang Zhang, Pan Pan, Dong Liu; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 1332-1341


Space-time memory (STM) based video object segmentation (VOS) networks usually keep increasing memory bank every several frames, which shows excellent performance. However, 1) the hardware cannot withstand the ever-increasing memory requirements as the video length increases. 2) Storing lots of information inevitably introduces lots of noise, which is not conducive to reading the most important information from the memory bank. In this paper, we propose a Recurrent Dynamic Embedding (RDE) to build a memory bank of constant size. Specifically, we explicitly generate and update RDE by the proposed Spatio-temporal Aggregation Module (SAM), which exploits the cue of historical information. To avoid error accumulation owing to the recurrent usage of SAM, we propose an unbiased guidance loss during the training stage, which makes SAM more robust in long videos. Moreover, the predicted masks in the memory bank are inaccurate due to the inaccurate network inference, which affects the segmentation of the query frame. To address this problem, we design a novel self-correction strategy so that the network can repair the embeddings of masks with different qualities in the memory bank. Extensive experiments show our method achieves the best tradeoff between performance and speed.

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