Probabilistic Compositional Embeddings for Multimodal Image Retrieval

Andrei Neculai, Yanbei Chen, Zeynep Akata; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2022, pp. 4547-4557


Existing works in image retrieval often consider retrieving images with one or two query inputs, which do not generalize to multiple queries. In this work, we investigate a more challenging scenario for composing multiple multimodal queries in image retrieval. Given an arbitrary number of query images and (or) texts, our goal is to retrieve target images containing the semantic concepts specified in multiple multimodal queries. To learn an informative embedding that can flexibly encode the semantics of various queries, we propose a novel multimodal probabilistic composer (MPC). Specifically, we model input images and texts as probabilistic embeddings, which can be further composed by a probabilistic composition rule to facilitate image retrieval with multiple multimodal queries. We propose a new benchmark based on the MS-COCO dataset and evaluate our model on various setups that compose multiple images and (or) text queries for multimodal image retrieval. Without bells and whistles, we show that our probabilistic model formulation significantly outperforms existing related methods on multimodal image retrieval while generalizing well to query with different amounts of inputs given in arbitrary visual and (or) textual modalities.

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