Motion-Aware Dynamic Architecture for Efficient Frame Interpolation

Myungsub Choi, Suyoung Lee, Heewon Kim, Kyoung Mu Lee; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 13839-13848


Video frame interpolation aims to synthesize accurate intermediate frames given a low-frame-rate video. While the quality of the generated frames is increasingly getting better, state-of-the-art models have become more and more computationally expensive. However, local regions with small or no motion can be easily interpolated with simple models and do not require such heavy compute, whereas some regions may not be correct even after inference through a large model. Thus, we propose an effective framework that assigns varying amounts of computation for different regions. Our dynamic architecture first calculates the approximate motion magnitude to use as a proxy for the difficulty levels for each region, and decides the depth of the model and the scale of the input. Experimental results show that static regions pass through a smaller number of layers, while the regions with larger motion are downscaled for better motion reasoning. In doing so, we demonstrate that the proposed framework can significantly reduce the computation cost (FLOPs) while maintaining the performance, often up to 50% when interpolating a 2K resolution video.

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