Detection and Continual Learning of Novel Face Presentation Attacks

Mohammad Rostami, Leonidas Spinoulas, Mohamed Hussein, Joe Mathai, Wael Abd-Almageed; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 14851-14860


Advances in deep learning, combined with availability of large datasets, have led to impressive improvements in face presentation attack detection research. However, state of the art face antispoofing systems are still vulnerable to novel types of attacks that are never seen during training. Moreover, even if such attacks are correctly detected, these systems lack the ability to adapt to newly encountered attacks. The post-training ability of continually detecting new types of attacks and self-adaptation to identify these attack types, after the initial detection phase, is highly appealing. In this paper, we enable a deep neural network to detect anomalies in the observed input data points as potential new types of attacks by suppressing the confidence-level of the network outside the training samples' distribution. We then use experience replay to update the model to incorporate knowledge about new types of attacks without forgetting the past learned attack types. Experimental results are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method on the OULU and Idiap datasets as well as a newly introduced dataset, all of which exhibit a variety of attack types.

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