DetCo: Unsupervised Contrastive Learning for Object Detection

Enze Xie, Jian Ding, Wenhai Wang, Xiaohang Zhan, Hang Xu, Peize Sun, Zhenguo Li, Ping Luo; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 8392-8401


We present DetCo, a simple yet effective self-supervised approach for object detection. Unsupervised pre-training methods have been recently designed for object detection, but they are usually deficient in image classification, or the opposite. Unlike them, DetCo transfers well on downstream instance-level dense prediction tasks, while maintaining competitive image-level classification accuracy. The advantages are derived from (1) multi-level supervision to intermediate representations, (2) contrastive learning between global image and local patches. These two designs facilitate discriminative and consistent global and local representation at each level of feature pyramid, improving detection and classification, simultaneously. Extensive experiments on VOC, COCO, Cityscapes, and ImageNet demonstrate that DetCo not only outperforms recent methods on a series of 2D and 3D instance-level detection tasks, but also competitive on image classification. For example, on ImageNet classification, DetCo is 6.9% and 5.0% top-1 accuracy better than InsLoc and DenseCL, which are two contemporary works designed for object detection. Moreover, on COCO detection, DetCo is 6.9 AP better than SwAV with Mask R-CNN C4. Notably, DetCo largely boosts up Sparse R-CNN, a recent strong detector, from 45.0 AP to 46.5 AP (+1.5 AP), establishing a new SOTA on COCO. Code is available.

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