Skeleton2Mesh: Kinematics Prior Injected Unsupervised Human Mesh Recovery

Zhenbo Yu, Junjie Wang, Jingwei Xu, Bingbing Ni, Chenglong Zhao, Minsi Wang, Wenjun Zhang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 8619-8629


In this paper, we decouple unsupervised human mesh recovery into the well-studied problems of unsupervised 3D pose estimation, and human mesh recovery from estimated 3D skeletons, focusing on the latter task. The challenges of the latter task are two folds: (1) pose failure (i.e., pose mismatching -- different skeleton definitions in dataset and SMPL , and pose ambiguity -- endpoints have arbitrary joint angle configurations for the same 3D joint coordinates). (2) shape ambiguity (i.e., the lack of shape constraints on body configuration). To address these issues, we propose Skeleton2Mesh, a novel lightweight framework that recovers human mesh from a single image. Our Skeleton2Mesh contains three modules, i.e., Differentiable Inverse Kinematics (DIK), Pose Refinement (PR) and Shape Refinement (SR) modules. DIK is designed to transfer 3D rotation from estimated 3D skeletons, which relies on a minimal set of kinematics prior knowledge. Then PR and SR modules are utilized to tackle the pose ambiguity and shape ambiguity respectively. All three modules can be incorporated into Skeleton2Mesh seamlessly via an end-to-end manner. Furthermore, we utilize an adaptive joint regressor to alleviate the effects of skeletal topology from different datasets. Results on the Human3.6M dataset for human mesh recovery demonstrate that our method improves upon the previous unsupervised methods by 32.6% under the same setting. Qualitative results on in-the-wild datasets exhibit that the recovered 3D meshes are natural, realistic. Our project is available at

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