Deep Geometry-Aware Camera Self-Calibration from Video

Annika Hagemann, Moritz Knorr, Christoph Stiller; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 3438-3448


Accurate intrinsic calibration is essential for camera-based 3D perception, yet, it typically requires targets of well-known geometry. Here, we propose a camera self-calibration approach that infers camera intrinsics during application, from monocular videos in the wild. We propose to explicitly model projection functions and multi-view geometry, while leveraging the capabilities of deep neural networks for feature extraction and matching. To achieve this, we build upon recent research on integrating bundle adjustment into deep learning models, and introduce a self-calibrating bundle adjustment layer. The self-calibrating bundle adjustment layer optimizes camera intrinsics through classical Gauss-Newton steps and can be adapted to different camera models without re-training. As a specific realization, we implemented this layer within the deep visual SLAM system DROID-SLAM, and show that the resulting model, DroidCalib, yields state-of-the-art calibration accuracy across multiple public datasets. Our results suggest that the model generalizes to unseen environments and different camera models, including significant lens distortion. Thereby, the approach enables performing 3D perception tasks without prior knowledge about the camera. Code is available at

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