A Complete Recipe for Diffusion Generative Models

Kushagra Pandey, Stephan Mandt; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 4261-4272


Score-based Generative Models (SGMs) have demonstrated exceptional synthesis outcomes across various tasks. However, the current design landscape of the forward diffusion process remains largely untapped and often relies on physical heuristics or simplifying assumptions. Utilizing insights from the development of scalable Bayesian posterior samplers, we present a complete recipe for formulating forward processes in SGMs, ensuring convergence to the desired target distribution. Our approach reveals that several existing SGMs can be seen as specific manifestations of our framework. Building upon this method, we introduce Phase Space Langevin Diffusion (PSLD), which relies on score-based modeling within an augmented space enriched by auxiliary variables akin to physical phase space. Empirical results exhibit the superior sample quality and improved speed-quality trade-off of PSLD compared to various competing approaches on established image synthesis benchmarks. Remarkably, PSLD achieves sample quality akin to state-of-the-art SGMs (FID: 2.10 for unconditional CIFAR-10 generation). Lastly, we demonstrate the applicability of PSLD in conditional synthesis using pre-trained score networks, offering an appealing alternative as an SGM backbone for future advancements. Code and model checkpoints can be accessed at https://github.com/mandt-lab/PSLD.

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