Space-time Prompting for Video Class-incremental Learning

Yixuan Pei, Zhiwu Qing, Shiwei Zhang, Xiang Wang, Yingya Zhang, Deli Zhao, Xueming Qian; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 11932-11942


Recently, prompt-based learning has made impressive progress on image class-incremental learning, but it still lacks sufficient exploration in the video domain. In this paper, we will fill this gap by learning multiple prompts based on a powerful image-language pre-trained model, i.e., CLIP, making it fit for video class-incremental learning (VCIL). For this purpose, we present a space-time prompting approach (ST-Prompt) which contains two kinds of prompts, i.e., task-specific prompts and task-agnostic prompts. The task-specific prompts are to address the catastrophic forgetting problem by learning multi-grained prompts, i.e., spatial prompts, temporal prompts and comprehensive prompts, for accurate task identification. The task-agnostic prompts maintain a globally-shared prompt pool, which can empower the pre-trained image models with temporal perception abilities by exchanging contexts between frames. By this means, ST-Prompt can transfer the plentiful knowledge in the image-language pre-trained models to the VCIL task with only a tiny set of prompts to be optimized. To evaluate ST-Prompt, we conduct extensive experiments on three standard benchmarks. The results show that ST-Prompt can significantly surpass the state-of-the-art VCIL methods, especially it gains 9.06% on HMDB51 dataset under the 1*25 stage setting.

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