Interactive Image Segmentation with Cross-Modality Vision Transformers

Kun Li, George Vosselman, Michael Ying Yang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshops, 2023, pp. 762-772


Interactive image segmentation aims to segment the target from the background with the manual guidance, which takes as input multimodal data such as images, clicks, scribbles, polygons, and bounding boxes. Recently, vision transformers have achieved a great success in several downstream visual tasks, and a few efforts have been made to bring this powerful architecture to interactive segmentation task. However, the previous works neglect the relations between two modalities and directly mock the way of processing purely visual information with self-attentions. In this paper, we propose a simple yet effective network for click-based interactive segmentation with cross-modality vision transformers. Cross-modality transformers exploit mutual information to better guide the learning process. The experiments on several benchmarks show that the proposed method achieves superior performance in comparison to the previous state-of-the-art models. In addition, the stability of our method in term of avoiding failure cases shows its potential to be a practical annotation tool. The code and pretrained models will be released under

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