Deep Interactive Thin Object Selection

Jun Hao Liew, Scott Cohen, Brian Price, Long Mai, Jiashi Feng; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2021, pp. 305-314


Existing deep learning based interactive segmentation methods have achieved remarkable performance with only a few user clicks, e.g. DEXTR attaining 91.5% IoU on PASCAL VOC with only four extreme clicks. However, we observe even the state-of-the-art methods would often struggle in cases of objects to be segmented with elongated thin structures (e.g. bug legs and bicycle spokes). We investigate such failures, and find the critical reasons behind are two-fold: 1) lack of appropriate training dataset; and 2) extremely imbalanced distribution w.r.t. number of pixels belonging to thin and non-thin regions. Targeted at these challenges, we collect a large-scale dataset specifically for segmentation of thin elongated objects, named ThinObject-5K. Also, we present a novel integrative thin object segmentation network consisting of three streams. Among them, the high-resolution edge stream aims at preserving fine-grained details including elongated thin parts; the fixed-resolution context stream focuses on capturing semantic contexts. The two streams' outputs are then amalgamated in the fusion stream to complement each other for help producing a refined segmentation output with sharper predictions around thin parts. Extensive experimental results well demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed solution on segmenting thin objects, surpassing the baseline by 30% IoU_thin despite using only four clicks. Codes and dataset are available at

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