SimA: Simple Softmax-Free Attention for Vision Transformers

Soroush Abbasi Koohpayegani, Hamed Pirsiavash; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2024, pp. 2607-2617


Recently, vision transformers have become very popular. However, deploying them in many applications is computationally expensive partly due to the Softmax layer in the attention block. We introduce a simple yet effective, Softmax-free attention block, SimA, which normalizes query and key matrices with simple l1-norm instead of using Softmax layer. Then, the attention block in SimA is a simple multiplication of three matrices, so SimA can dynamically change the ordering of the computation at the test time to achieve linear computation on the number of tokens or the number of channels. We empirically show that SimA applied to three SOTA variations of transformers, DeiT, XCiT, and CvT, results in on-par accuracy compared to the SOTA models, without any need for Softmax layer. Interestingly, changing SimA from multi-head to single-head has only a small effect on the accuracy, which further simplifies the attention block. Moreover, we show that SimA is much faster on small edge devices, e.g., Raspberry Pi, which we believe is due to higher complexity of Softmax layer on those devices. The code is available here:

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