TRPLP - Trifocal Relative Pose From Lines at Points

Ricardo Fabbri, Timothy Duff, Hongyi Fan, Margaret H. Regan, David da Costa de Pinho, Elias Tsigaridas, Charles W. Wampler, Jonathan D. Hauenstein, Peter J. Giblin, Benjamin Kimia, Anton Leykin, Tomas Pajdla; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020, pp. 12073-12083


We present a method for solving two minimal problems for relative camera pose estimation from three views, which are based on three view correspondences of (i) three points and one line and (ii) three points and two lines through two of the points. These problems are too difficult to be efficiently solved by the state of the art Grobner basis methods. Our method is based on a new efficient homotopy continuation (HC) solver, which dramatically speeds up previous HC solving by specializing HC methods to generic cases of our problems. We show in simulated experiments that our solvers are numerically robust and stable under image noise. We show in real experiment that (i) SIFT features provide good enough point-and-line correspondences for three-view reconstruction and (ii) that we can solve difficult cases with too few or too noisy tentative matches where the state of the art structure from motion initialization fails.

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